Tuesday, October 30, 2007

David Hayden

Hello, I'm David Hayden and I am twelve years old. My father is Wesley Hayden and he is the sheriff of Mercer County. He isn't the typical western sheriff that comes to mind, he didn't wear boots, carry a gun, or even wear his badge. My mother Gale, wanted him to be an attorney, which is what he went to law school for, but he got stuck with the job of sheriff. My grandfather was the sheriff before him and wanted the prestige of the title to still run in the family. My mother hates Montana, but I on the other hand love the country. My grandfather owns a ranch were I have my own horse called "Nutty", who I go out exploring with. Also I like to swim, fish, and hunt. Montana is the perfect place to do those things.

I don't really have an opinion on the team names "Fighting Sioux" and "Redskins". It doesn't really affect me, but my babysitter Marie is Native American and I guess if as long as it doesn't portray their beliefs in the wrong way, then it will be OK.


caitlin said...

Dear David,
After witnessing how the Native American people are treated by others in your society I believe you should form an opinion about the mascots. These mascots demean the people that you care about and stand for. You believed your uncle should be killed for what he was doing to Indian people. This view should lead you to care about how the feelings of these people. The mascots are offending this people, and they are bringing them down to a lower level. This level is the same level that many people (such as your Grandfather) feel about them. They should not be treated like this, and you should help them gain equality.

-Doris Strickland

Jason said...

Dear David,
I know that you are still young and have lots of time in front of you, but you should act to save the image of Indians as much as you can. I know we went through hard times when Marie died.I think that you who was so fond of Maire would like to take action to help preserve her culture. I think by taking the fighting Sioux mascot away would help these people. It would give them back some pride and their names wouldn't be used for "american" sports anymore. I hope you feel like joining the band on getting ride of the msacot.
Thank you very much for your time.

Daisy McAuley

sarah said...

You are the future and you need to think about this situatuon greatly and how it will affect your future. Your own babysitter was indian and I do think that this alone should affect your decision. You have a bright future ahead of you kid, and you should take the indians in account for it and give us a fair chance.
We do not deserve to be treated like this and have our names tossed around at sports games. please support us!
-clyde bellecourt

Shadowfane said...

David, i know that you like Ronnie and you look up to him, so dont you think it is unfair that he is not even allowed to go to college because he is Native American? you know he is very athletic, so why cant he play football? don't you believe that a real Sioux should be able to play for the Sioux?

-Marie Little Soldier

Captain Jack said...

Hello David, have you formed an opinion yet? Do you think indians are treated fairly and do you think the mascot is intended to be harmful to natives.
-Gail Hayden

Mackin said...

Atta boy David! There is so much hulabaloo about nothing. UND is not hurting anyone's feelings (or trying to hurt anyone's feelings), and it's ridiculous for people to believe that our intent is to offend. We love your housekeeper's kind of people just like you do! We don't mean it in a mean way, or a nice way. We just use the Sioux as a way to express our team! Rah Rah Sioux!

imhungry4food said...

I too am undecided on the matter, as a teacher and a mother i do value the opinions of the youth, i am wondering if you have made and decison on the matter or are now being pulled to one side of the issue?
Winona Yepa