Monday, October 29, 2007

Daisy McAuley

Hi my name is Daisy McAuley. My Husaband, Len McAuley, is the deputy sherif of Bentrock. He used to have a drinking problem but he recovered after a Christian recoverey group helped. He almost never has a drink anymore.I am 59 years old and we have no kids. I was born in North Dakota, and like it much better thab Montana. I love to bake all types of foods. Pies are espically one of my favorites. when marie, our neighboors Indian baby sitter, died i was hurt so much. I have heard rummors about Frank, Wes's brother. I have heard that he had done things to some of his patients. I like to have people come over for food and to talk about events going on in town. I hear lots of things i shouldn't, you can call it gossip, from neighboors i invite over. I talked to Gail, one of my neighboors, about Maire's death. Gail seems like she is hiding something. Len and I are pretty good friends with the Haydens. For now our lives are pretty good and normal, except for the death of Marie.


claire said...

In this post you show that you care about a Native American. How do you feel about the mascot being called the Souix.

KP said...

Hello Daisy! I am a UND hockey fan. I was wondering how can you be married to a drunk?! Such a bad influence.

Megan said...

Hello Daisy. As someone who hears so much gossip and likes to talk, I was wondering what you thought about the issue of the UND FIghting Sioux mascot title. It is an issue that is very important to me and my fellow Native Americans. Thanks.
-Roy HIs Horse Is Lightning

Natalie said...

Hello dear. I think we are doing a steller job of influencing people to think that the mascot names are offensive! Keep up the good work honey!

Rachel said...

Hey I'm the fifth jury member. What's your view on the mascot? Do you think UND should be able to keep it or should have to make a new one. Thanks!
- Amy Red Oak

KP said...

Hello again Daisy. Maybe your husband is okay. I enjoy making people mad. I would be glad to help you in your fight to remove the logo from UND. Let me know how I can help!

~Felicia Foy

caitlin said...

Hey daisy, I like your husband. I do not know how he could work for Julian for so long. Julian is a man i would like to take out in a "drive by shooting." sort of speak.

-Doris Strickland

Rachel said...

Hey Daisy

Thanks for responding back to me on your view of the UND mascot. When you say that you don’t support the mascot, I agree! My tribe is the Standing Rock Sioux, and we have historically lived in North Dakota. Since I was born and raised on our reservation, I share the same views as the tribe. We believe that the mascot is degrading and misinforming towards the Native American race. There are so many other mascots available to use and mascots involving Native Americans shouldn’t have to be used. Thanks for supporting the removal of the UND mascot!
- Amy Red Oak

Captain Jack said...

Hello Daisy, I think that we should support the Indians, it is awful the way they are treated. But the school should have the option to choose what is best for the school. But the Native Americans should have a large say.
-Gail Hayden