Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Marie Little Soldier

my name is Marie and i am a Hunkpapa Sioux Indian. i live on Fort Berthold reservation with my family and was hired as a housekeeper for the Hayden family. they are good people and i am fond of their little boy David. i am his baby sitter, though he would never admit it. i am 20 and i love to laugh and tell stories. i do exaggerate the truth a bit, but i never let people go on believing a lie. i like to think that i am easygoing. i work very hard and i absolutely HATE waste. everything can be used again. i have a boyfriend who is also Native American like i am; Ronnie Tall Bear. he is very strong and athletic (not to mention cute). he holds many school records and was in the American Legion Baseball team!
he is an amazing athlete, but because he is Native America, he is not allowed to go to college. i hate that. he is so talented, but because of his heritage, its all going to go to waste, and i hate waste. these are some thoughts that when through my head when i heard about the debate on the name of the fighting Sioux. i am not against the name of the team; in fact, i believe that is shows the strength and will of my people. though it is a name white people gave us, i do not believe that they meant it to be offensive. but why does a white man have the right to play football and go to college when Ronnie cant? Ronnie is Sioux, yet he cannot bare the colors of the "Fighting Sioux" as well as a white man can? it does not make sense to me at all. why should a white man be allowed to call himself a Sioux when a real Sioux cannot? it is silly.


sarah said...

i support your thoughts very much. As the leader of the AIM, i think that it is important of us to keep out Sioux strength strong. When they are out there using our name as a sports team mascot, I find it very offensive. It is wrong to be doing this. I feel for your boyfriend who cannot play, they treat us like trash and throw our name around like trash.

-clyde bellecourt

sam said...
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sam said...

I would have to agree with you, I think the team names aren't meant to be offensive, but that they are meant to show strength and courage. Because your people have gone through so much, they never gave up, but continued to move forward.

I think that it is not right that Ronnie is not allowed to go to college and play sports. He is such a good athlete and he is a human just like everyone else, he shouldn't be treated differently just because he is Native American.

-David Hayden