Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Marie Little Soldier

my name is Marie and i am a Hunkpapa Sioux Indian. i live on Fort Berthold reservation with my family and was hired as a housekeeper for the Hayden family. they are good people and i am fond of their little boy David. i am his baby sitter, though he would never admit it. i am 20 and i love to laugh and tell stories. i do exaggerate the truth a bit, but i never let people go on believing a lie. i like to think that i am easygoing. i work very hard and i absolutely HATE waste. everything can be used again. i have a boyfriend who is also Native American like i am; Ronnie Tall Bear. he is very strong and athletic (not to mention cute). he holds many school records and was in the American Legion Baseball team!
he is an amazing athlete, but because he is Native America, he is not allowed to go to college. i hate that. he is so talented, but because of his heritage, its all going to go to waste, and i hate waste. these are some thoughts that when through my head when i heard about the debate on the name of the fighting Sioux. i am not against the name of the team; in fact, i believe that is shows the strength and will of my people. though it is a name white people gave us, i do not believe that they meant it to be offensive. but why does a white man have the right to play football and go to college when Ronnie cant? Ronnie is Sioux, yet he cannot bare the colors of the "Fighting Sioux" as well as a white man can? it does not make sense to me at all. why should a white man be allowed to call himself a Sioux when a real Sioux cannot? it is silly.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

David Hayden

Hello, I'm David Hayden and I am twelve years old. My father is Wesley Hayden and he is the sheriff of Mercer County. He isn't the typical western sheriff that comes to mind, he didn't wear boots, carry a gun, or even wear his badge. My mother Gale, wanted him to be an attorney, which is what he went to law school for, but he got stuck with the job of sheriff. My grandfather was the sheriff before him and wanted the prestige of the title to still run in the family. My mother hates Montana, but I on the other hand love the country. My grandfather owns a ranch were I have my own horse called "Nutty", who I go out exploring with. Also I like to swim, fish, and hunt. Montana is the perfect place to do those things.

I don't really have an opinion on the team names "Fighting Sioux" and "Redskins". It doesn't really affect me, but my babysitter Marie is Native American and I guess if as long as it doesn't portray their beliefs in the wrong way, then it will be OK.

Dan Snidyr

I am the owner of the Washington Redskins football team. I was born in 1965, Im married to my lovely wife Tonya and have three beautiful children.Besides that the issue that is very heated right now is if we should change the logo of the redskins. I believe that we should not change it. The name the "Redskins" is not meant to affend anyone of any race. "It means wonderful things. It means success, it means pride, it means integrity, honor and winning tradition. All of those great things, plus many more, are what the Redskins are all about for Washington and all of the Washington Redkin fans throughout the nation." I apologize for any inconvienence that has been caused but I dont think that we should change the name.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Doris Looks Away

Hello All i hope you are all having a fine week and staying healthy in every which way. My name is Doris Looks Away and i was born on April 17, 1916. Don't let my name fool you because i have my eyes focused on the right path to a healthy and successful life. I have a family of 22 with each child starting their name with the letter J. I have never got a single child's name mixed up with another even though they all look almost identical. I am Indian Woman part of the Sioux tribe. When it comes to the UND fighting Sioux, I am an extreme advocate for their determination and their outright domination in the NCAA hockey league, because if they are going to represent our tribes great name, they got some pressure to do well for themselves. I am a great fan of hokcey having every single child of mine playing, starting at the age of 7 months. Their first steps are actually on ice. All in all im a sweet woman who is always looking to help in anyway, and if the UND hockey team is willing to represent such a great name i am all for it. I do not find it discriminating in anyway but honorable and i appreciate the recognition they bring to our family.

Gunther Foy: Editor of The Dakota Student

Hello friends. My name is Gunther Foy. I was born on May 31st, 1973. I am a 34 year old man, pleasantly fulfilled with my life. In 2002, I proposed to a Felicia Foy; a booty-licious Sophomore at the University of North Dakota. We've been married for about 4 years and we have a lovely little girl named Gertrude. I graduated from Stanford University with a major in English. I currently work as an editor for The Dakota Student, which is an online organization presenting relevant and current stories concerning today's hottest news. I try as much as possible not to be biased when I edit the stories given to me by my staff. I post the best of the best for the common well being of the people. I love being able to keep the world up to date on current issues. Overall, I love the work I get to do and the satisfaction I get knowing that I am helping people get informed.

Wes Hayden

I was born in 1910 and I am 48 years young. I grew up on a large cattle ranch outside Bentrock. My wife is Gail Hayden and my sons name is David. I am the sheriff of Bentrock, Montana. My brother Frank makes some decisions that I dislike, and I eventually punish him for that. I am the top dog of the town, being sheriff and all. I believe the team name and mascot shall stay, as it is not offensive and should give the Natives pride in their culture. The natives have no control over what the Universities want to name their teams, or use for their mascots, so I think it should stay as it is now.

Gramm Greenn

I was born on June 22,1952 on the Six Nations Reserve in Ohsweken. I am a full blooded Oneida. I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario as a young adult. I had never considered acting in my youth however, while I was an audio technician for rock bands, I came into contact with the entertainment industry and it became interesting to me. I graduated from the Centre for Indigenous Thatres Native Theatre School Program in 1972. My favorite kind of roles to act in are drama, and comedy. One of my best acting jobs was in the movie Dances With Wolves. I was nominated for an Academy Award. I like choosing roles that allow me to be featured showing off my Native American heritage because I am very proud of it.
The issue regarding the UND mascot is very troubling to me. I just want everyone to be at peace with each other, however I don't support the current mascot. It's upsetting to me because I am a man who is very proud of my heritage and seeing another tribe treated that way is just uncalled for. I believe that the UND mascot should be reevaluated and changed to something else.

David Hackstoll

I am David Hackstoll. I was born July 30, 1968 in Warburg, Alta in Canada it is a town of 500 people I always joke that if you blink you will miss is, haha. I have had a passion for hockey every since i put on my first pair of skates at the age of two. I always made time to play it or watch it. I went to UND from !989 to 1992. I am currently the head coach for the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux hockey team since July 2004. I have brought the Fighting Sioux to not one but two NCAA Frozen Fours. Only four other coaches have accomplished this.I also played on this team from 1989-1992. Before I was coach in 1996-2000 i was the general manager for the Sioux Musketeeres of the United States Hockey League. I was the Coach of the Year in 1997-1998. As for this debate of the Fighting sioux mascott, i say it has been this way for a long time why is this just becoming an issue now. From what i hear the cheif's dont even seem to think this is a big deal.

Kris Porter

Whaddup yo, I’m Kris Porter. I was the team captain of the 2006-2007 University of North Dakota D1 hockey team.I havent missed a game in two consecutive years here and UND. I think its bullshit that people want to try and change the fighting sioux name. It stands for honor, hard work and exellence. I feel like people are just bored with their lives so they feel they need to start complaining about something. The dean of UND even says that he has some kind of alliance with the nearest Sioux tribe. I think they all just need to shut up and think of better things to try and fix. If the sioux tribe in North Dakota was so offended they would have came to our school on their own instead of a bunch of ignorant people who may not even have anything to do with the Native American culture or the Sioux tribe at all. Anyways, more about me.. My hometown is Thunder Bay, Ontario but i moved to Minnesota for the lovely ladies and to go to High School at Shattuck St. Mary’s for their exellent hockey program.I was a 2002 graduate there as well. I just recently majored in communitcations here at UND and my parents names are Gord and Debbie who both reside back in Thunder Bay.

Myra Peterson (Jury Member #1)

Hello, my name is Myra Peterson and I am the chairwoman of the Spirit Lake Sioux tribe of North Dakota. I am a woman in my late 40's. At the time of the UND nickname incident, I was not at all concerned with the problem of the 'Fighting Sioux'. I had thought there were better things to do with my time than disputing over the nickname problem and its offensive nature to the Native American tribes around North Dakota. At the time right now, I am more concerned with the regulations of the gaming in North Dakota. I am serving as the chairwoman of the Great Plains Indian Gaming Association and am more concerned with this situation than I am with the nickname problem at the time. Though there is some concern as my position in the community and with us as Native Americans. It can come as a problem, but at the moment, there are more pressing matters at hand to deal with.

Enid Hayden

My name is Enid Hayden. I am married to Juilan Hayden and we live on a ranch outside of the city of Bentrock, Montana. We have two kids together. Both are boys and thier names are Wesley and Frank. Frank is a doctor and Wesley took over my husbands job as sheriff. I am a thin woman. I do not like shock of any kind and my family believes that I will die one day from it. I fidget, bite my nails, and worry to much. I also like to have everything in a perfect shape and everything has a place. In my opinion the kids should not put up such a fuss about the mascot.

Gloria Hayden

I was born in North Dakota in a small town. I live in Mercer County in the city of Bentrock. My husband is Frank, he is the doctor in the town. Being a second grade teacher, I find this outrageous that we are teaching are kids that it is o.k. to think this way. This is giving children the wrong image of the Sioux and not showing them the respect they deserve. I agree with getting rid of the logo. I find it offensive to the Native American culture. I think the Sioux tribe should be celebrated and not be used as a mascot for a team called the Fighting Sioux. If people see this as a way to honor them, there are better ways. Native Americans have been through many hardships in their life and this should not be another burden for them to carry. There are different mascots the team can have. I am a firm believer in banning the mascot of the fighting Sioux.

Jury member #3

My name is Chief Grand Cherokee of the Spirit Lake Sioux Tribal Council. I am 60 years old and I grew up with this tribe and am a practicing Sioux. I did not go to college, but I am one of the elders in this tribe and am a chairman on the tribal council. I am one of the chairmen who are deciding whether or not our tribe supports the mascot for UND, or if we find it offensive and think that they should change it to something else. The previous decisions that we have made on this issue didn’t really say anything, we decided that we neither support or oppose the use of the Fighting Sioux as the nick name for the school. It is basically split down the middle with the same number of people on either side of the issue. None of us really think of it as a huge or important issue, but I personally don’t see what the big deal is. I don’t support it saying it is a great idea or anything, but I definitely don’t oppose it, I don’t think that we should force them to change the name of their mascot, or change the mascot at all, it just isn’t a big deal.

Louise Erdrich (Jury Member)

My name is Louise Erdrich. I am a Native American author. I write novels, poetry, and children's books. I am a member of the Anishinaabe nation. I am 53 years old and was born in Little Falls, Minnesota. My grandfather served as a tribal chairman for the Turtle Mountain Band Of Chippewa Indians. My parents taught at the Bureau of Indian Affairs school. I went to Dartmouth College where I met my husband, Michal Dorris who was the director of the college's Native American Studies program. I currently live in Minneapolis, MN and recently turned down an honorary degree from UND because of the mascot issue. I turned it down because I believe that having their mascot a Sioux Indian is very disrespectful to the tribes. I think that changes need to be made in order to respect the tribes.

Doris Strickland

I am the wife of Ollie Young Bear. My husband is an Indian man and I am a white woman. My family has a ranch south of Bentrock. I have one son and one daughter. My husband graduated from Montana State University Bozeman. Many people think my husband shows “what hard work will get you.” I believe that Indians should have just as many rights as white men. Indians should not have to work harder than white people do to achieve the same things. My husband has had to work very hard to achieve the same things as white men do. Many whites regard my husband as higher than other Indians. But other Indians do not think of him as any higher than them. Some Indians even look down on my husband.

Joss Haben ( White female student at UND)

I am a white student (female) currently attending the University of North Dakota as a sophomore, Go Fighting Sioux! I grew up in Fargo, ND. Going to UND has been a part of my families history, most of my family has gone to the University of North Dakota, including my brother who is currently a senior at UND. I am enrolled in the aviation program and I absolutely love it. North Dakota is a great school for anyone wanting to pursue a career in aviation. I am very active in student life, especially the athletic side. I love going to the hockey games and hanging out with friends. I myself play on the North Dakota volleyball team. The teachers and academics are amazing here in North Dakota. The school is beautifully portrayed in the great city of Grand Forks. The students are friendly and welcoming. I am very proud of our school and I believe that our mascot should stay. It is a huge part of our state’s history and I think it proudly represents the sioux people in our community. GO FIGHTING SIOUX!

Jury- Ray Strong Bull of WIngs

My name is Ray Strong of WIngs. I am a member of the Standing Rock Tribe. My tribe is in North and South Dakota. I have a Juries Doctorate that I earned at the University of South Dakota. My parents raised me here in North Dakota. I am 22 now and have learned many stories from my tribes past. I am very proud of all that we have done as a tribe. Our tribe is commited to promoting an enviornment for the self suffiency of all tribal members. I take my heritage very seriously. I love the souix culture and I will always do anyting I am capabale of to do whats right for my community.

Frank Hayden

Hi, I am Frank Hayden and I am David's uncle. My brother is Wesley Hayden and is married to Gail. My wife's name is Gloria, she was barely five feet tall, and she had silver-blonde hair. We have been married for about five, six years. We have been trying to have kids for years now but have been unsuccessful. I am a star athlete in high school and college, and I am a genuine war hero. I was stationed at an Army field hospital on a Pacific island, and during a battle in which Allied forces were incurring a great many losses, I left the hospital to assist in treating and evacuating casualties.
Yes the rumors are true, I do find Indian girls attractive. I always have. I do love Gloria, but there is something about an Idian girl that really gets me going. Yeah, maybe I shouldn't use my position as a docture to take advantage of girls, but oh well. It isn't that big of a deal. Gloria is still with me, she will never leave me.
I do not see what the big deal is. We are not doing any harm to Indians by making them a mascot or whatever. It has been like this for a while so why change it now.

cathy kersten

My name is Katherine Kersten and I am writer I have written for the Startribune newspaper, “Wall Street Journal,” “The Weekly Standard,” “First Things,” and other publications. I had a column at the Startribune for eight years, it was mainly about my experiences and interests. Minnesota is my favorite place to write about because I was born in Amboy, MN on November 12 1963. I graduated from Amboy High in 1980 where I was the editor of my school paper. After high school I attended the University of St.Cloud where I studied literature. I have written may articles on the conflict about the North Dakota mascot. I think that the mascot should not be changed because it is a mascot that looks proud and is not degrading Native Americans.

UND Editor: Mary Sue Fisher

Hey y'all! My name is Mary Sue. I am an editor of the school newspaper at UND. Because I was offered a full ride to North Dakota, I came here from San Antonio, Texas. I miss the South, and I still hold my family values close to my heart. The greatest of these is American Pride. It is so important for America to embrace Pride. Normally I would not capitalize just any adjective, but Pride is an exception, because it is what I strive to have for my country. Pride, Honor, and Americanism. I am 21 years old, but you can be sure I live my life dry as the desert. I am majoring in journalism, and one day I hope to be my generation's Nancy Grace. She is truly a representation of a real American Woman. I think all the women at this school should strive to become hardworking and successful American citizens.
I wish everyone was an American, including the Indians. I think they need to get off their high horse and just accept that they happen to be a representation of our school mascot. Our mascot is what our school has been for many years. It's not changing now! That would be silly to feed into all of the drama that those who oppose it are creating. They need to be thicker skinned!

Rah, Rah, Fighting Sioux!

Jon Ekohak

I am a member of the Pawnee Tribe of Oaklahoma. and am the Executive Director of the Native American Rights Fund. I was the first to graduate from the University of New Mexico's special program to train Indian lawyers in 1970, as well as one of the founding members of the American Indian Law Students Association while I was still in school. I have been with NARF since it was started and have served as the Executive Director since 1977.

I have been recognized as on of the top 100 most influential lawyers in America by the National Law Journal since 1988. I have received many service awards and other recognitions for my leadership.

I serve on the Boards of the American Indian Resource Institute, the Association on American Indian Affairs, the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, Natural Resources Defense Council, and the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development.

I have been married for over 37 years to my wife, Kathryn and we have two children. Our son is a scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory and our daughter is a fundraiser for the American Indian College Fund. I am also a proud grandparent of 3.

I am one of those people who wants these sports teams to change their mascots and their names, because they are disrespectful to my people.

Ronnie Tall Bear

Hello, I am Ronnie Tall Bear. I am from a very small ranch north of Mercer County. I graduated from Bentrock High School and really enjoyed doing sports in high school. I was the forward on the basketball team, set school records in track:sprinting the 100 dash and 200 meter dash. I also played softball with the coed team. I loved sports and was really good at about every sport.
I have a girlfriend and her name is Marie. I have with her for a couple years now and we graduated together at Bentrock High School. After High School, I joined the Army and I got into that but I did not get into college.
I think the fighting sioux name shouldn't be changed. I dont see what is wrong with having that name. I mean it is just a sport team name it shouldn't matter too much.

Amy Red Oak (Jury Member)

Hi, my name is Amy Red Oak. I am 25 years old and I was born in Standing Rock, North Dakota, where I lived on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation for the first eighteen years of my life. I recently graduated from North Dakota State as a Biology major and I played varsity tennis there. Currently, I live and work in Bemidgi, Minnesota as an Environmental Specialist. I also volunteer on weekends at the Red Lake Indian Reservation which is about half an hour away from my home. I married my long-time boyfriend, Oliver, over the summer. The two of us grew up in Standing Rock and went to school together. Oliver graduated from the University of South Dakota as a Pre-Law major and is currently attending law school. (My tribe's stance on the controversy over North Dakota's mascot.)

Daisy McAuley

Hi my name is Daisy McAuley. My Husaband, Len McAuley, is the deputy sherif of Bentrock. He used to have a drinking problem but he recovered after a Christian recoverey group helped. He almost never has a drink anymore.I am 59 years old and we have no kids. I was born in North Dakota, and like it much better thab Montana. I love to bake all types of foods. Pies are espically one of my favorites. when marie, our neighboors Indian baby sitter, died i was hurt so much. I have heard rummors about Frank, Wes's brother. I have heard that he had done things to some of his patients. I like to have people come over for food and to talk about events going on in town. I hear lots of things i shouldn't, you can call it gossip, from neighboors i invite over. I talked to Gail, one of my neighboors, about Maire's death. Gail seems like she is hiding something. Len and I are pretty good friends with the Haydens. For now our lives are pretty good and normal, except for the death of Marie.

Clyde Bellecourt--american indian

I am Clyde Howard Bellecourt and I was born May 8 1936. I am the seventh of tweleve children born to my loving mother and father Charles and Angeline. Born on the White Earth Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota, one of the largest and poorest reservations, I grew up always learning about the indian reservation on an Ojibwe tribe. My Ojibwe name is Nee-gon-we-way-we-dun, this means "Thunder Before Storm". In grade school I always ws taught about our founding father of this country, George Washingon. I didn't know waht to think of this because i was sure he did not look like my father. But I still was accepting the learning of this. As I got older I was sent to prision for American offenses such as burglary and robbery. It was hard because my family was so poor. Whil in prision I was taught much about indian history such as stolen land and broken treaties with the Americans. I was upset by this discrimination my people were having and through this I was soon becoming very intersted in getting involved in my culture and was becoming very spirited. This is around the time when i started the American Indian Movement, otherwise known as the AIM. Oficially started in 1968 but I otherwise think it was '62 as I thought this up in prision at this time. I have since been very involved as an active leader in AIM. I have since than started alternative schools for Indian children, helped negotiate the 20 solution paper presented at the White House, and founded the Legal Rights Center. A big meeting I participated in for representing AIM was the first non-governmental organizations hearnings on discrimination of Indigeous people. I have also founded many organizations fo support the Indian tribes in America. I am very proud of what I have acomplished to stand up for my rights and culure in America and will keep moving foward to hold my culture strong

Ollie Young Bear

-I am native American, but I do not live on a reservation I visit one every weekend with sporting equipment I bought for the boys to play baseball games. I am married to Doris Strickland a white woman whose family owned a prosperous south of Bentrock. I have two shy, and very polite children one boy and one girl. I was wounded in action in North Africa. I also went to Montana state university in Bozeman. I am also a deacon at First Lutheran church. When I played fast pitch people told me that I was the star pitcher. Though I don't really think so. I do not smoke, drink or curse, because I feel that it is a horrible habit. I am tall and have broad shoulders. Oh I can bowl a 210!

Ollie Young Bear

Gail Hayden

Hello, My name is Gail Hayden. I live in Bentrock, Montana with my husband Wesley and my son David. We live in a white two-story frame house across the street from the courthouse where Wesley works. I wish Wesley were an attorney so we could live somewhere other than Montana. I am a Lutheran and I fear for David's soul.

Julian Hayden

My name is Julian Hayden and I forgot and don't care how old I am. I have a beautiful wife whose name is Enid, I know the name is very original, that I love very much so. Back in my prime days i was a sheriff and loved every day of it. I am now retired and me and my wife live on a ranch happily. I have two boys that mean the world to me. One is a doctor and his name is Frank. The other is a sheriff that took my place after I retired and his name is Wesley. Wesley has a son and his name is David. He is a great kid and i love him to death. Wesley has a wife that's name is Gail. She is a pleasant lady and i have much respect for her. I let myself go after I retired. I have long white hair and my sideburns are nice and bushy. My belly is getting a little bigger than I would like but hey what the hell can you do? I am a rancher for my free time and i like to wear rancher clothes. I like my boots that are straight out of Texas. Frank has a great wife and he makes a lot of money. He is the son that i knew would make the money in the family and I could always count on him to make me proud.

Mike Saunnder

Howdy my name is Mike J. Saunnders. Currently i am an Alumnus at North Dakota State University. I am very opinionated on the issue at hand, I feel that the Fighting Sioux is offensive in ways not seen in a society before. I feel that there is an "atmospheric harassment" against the native students. Presently there are 30 programs directed for the native students in our university alone, but this is not enough to mend the damage done and currently in progress. The level of protest in the past couple of years has made it evident that the Native American community is offensive and the actions taken by the University completely disregard these opinions and views. I feel not only that the name should change, but it should change now.

Len McAuley

Hi, I'm Len McAuley! I'm a an older man (in my 60s), and I am happily married to a lovely woman named Daisy. I am a pretty tall guy, gaunt, really long legs, stoop-shouldered, shy and soft spoken. Some might consider me to be an alcoholic. You will often see me with a glass of whiskey in my hand. In Bentrock I was so well liked and respected that everyone was relieved when I quit drinking. I was deputy with Davids grandpa, and his dad. The two of us pretty much had control of Mercer County. We were known as the Hayden-McAuley team. When it came to cases that we had to deal with about Indians, I usually favored the side of Indians. Don't get me wrong, I'm a very fair man. I've always had a little soft spot for the Indians. When it comes to the debate about whether or not to remove the mascots from some teams, I feel that they should be removed and replaced with a team name that everyone can agree on. A name that isn't offensive to other people. I just like things to be fair for all. You could definitely consider me a part of the Hayden family. I was like a grandpa to David. When Uncle Frank was locked up in the basement and going insane, I came over to their house and stood outside with Davids mother, Gail, to protect her. I was holding a gun in his hand and it was pointed at the group of four men. I didn't fire, though. I would say I am a pretty good man at heart.

UND Hockey Fan: Felicia Foy

Hello. I am Felicia Foy. I am in my sophomore year at UND. My favorite season is hockey season! I attend all home games and all away games within a 200 mile radius. I love to dress up for the games. Here are two of my friends at a game!



I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and went to Queen Elizabeth High School. I graduated in 2006 and then fell in love with the UND campus. University of North Dakota, home of the Fighting Sioux. Did you know that Sioux is an Indian tribe? Some people take offense to this and I can see why.

I also like to write editorials. I had an internship this summer at the Dakota Student and my supervisor was Gunther. He's a swell guy! And we are married.

Roy His Horse Is Lightning: Tribal Leader, North Dakota Sioux Community

My name is Roy His Horse Is Lightning. I am a member of the Hunkpapa-Lakota Oyate. I serve as the Tribal Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. I am also the Chairman of the Great Plains Tribal Chairman's Association.
In 1988, I received my Juries Doctorate from the University of South Dakota School of Law. In 1985, I received a Bachelor of Science degree from Black Hills State University. I began my career by serving in several professional capacities, such as an attorney, director, and grants evaluator on the Rosebud and Standing Rock Sioux reservations.
From 1991-1993, I served as president of Standing Rock College, where I was responsible for the overall college operations. I took two years off as president of Standing Rock College and headed the American Indian College Fund based in New York, NY, where I was the president from 1993-1995. In 1995, I accepted the position of president at Little Hoop Community College in Fort Totten, ND. Returning to the presidency of Sitting Bull College (formally Standing Rock College) in 1996, I served in this capacity until my election as Tribal Chairman in 2005.
I have served as a commissioner for the Higher Learning Commission for the North Central Accreditation for Schools and Colleges. I also served on the boards of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium and North Dakota Tribal College Association. In 2002, President George W. Bush appointed me as Chairman of the President's Board of Advisors on Tribal Colleges and Universities. I am married to Deborah Wetsit-His Horse Is Lightning.