Monday, October 29, 2007

Wes Hayden

I was born in 1910 and I am 48 years young. I grew up on a large cattle ranch outside Bentrock. My wife is Gail Hayden and my sons name is David. I am the sheriff of Bentrock, Montana. My brother Frank makes some decisions that I dislike, and I eventually punish him for that. I am the top dog of the town, being sheriff and all. I believe the team name and mascot shall stay, as it is not offensive and should give the Natives pride in their culture. The natives have no control over what the Universities want to name their teams, or use for their mascots, so I think it should stay as it is now.


sarah said...

Saying that the natives have no say in what the North Dakota sports team use as their name and mascot is not being respectful. You have taken our name and put it out there and giving us a bad reputation and we are very offended.

-clyde bellecourt

knelson said...

I don't understand how you can think the mascot is not offensive. I think that if the universities NEED to use our names and use it as a mascot, we should have control over how it is portrayed.

-Louise Erdrich (Jury Member)

megan said...
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megan said...

I agree with what your saying. I dont think that the mascot is offensive. The mascot means great things. It isn't meant to be offensive. It shows pride in the native american culture. I dont see how it gives you a bad reputation. Your a team name. It shows how hard you have worked to get where you are today and it should be an honor to have a sports team named after your heritage.


Dan Snidyr

Rachel said...

Hey I'm the fifth jury member. What's your view on the mascot? Do you think UND should be able to keep it or should have to make a new one. Thanks!
- Amy Red Oak

Dezzi said...

How can you think that the name is not offensive? What is with white people thinking they have control over everything and everyone and can do wahtever they want with no regard what so ever to people they could be offending?

-jon ekohak

Anonymous said...

I disagree completely. The mascot is very hurtful. People are practically in tears because they are so angry. I don't even know how to deal with you. At least I don't go around taking porno pictures like the one you posted above. The letters are just covering your package. You're a dirty man and something needs to be done with you. I'm evicting you from the position of sheriff. JEEEZ. Allah would be very disappointed in you.

Breezy said...

Wes Hayden,
As the chairwoman of an important Sioux tribe, I disagree about how we have no control in naming the teams. We should very well have a choice in the community, even when it involves apart of our own culture. I do not think that there is a major problem with the name, but if others start to bring up cases against us as Native Americans and our role in the community, then it becomes a big part of my job to make sure the Sioux tribe are rightly accounted for.
~Myra Peterson

Anonymous said...

Your picture is a porno picture.
I think that you should actually read my bio instead of just saying that I'm a general native american person. I'm not JUST a native american, I'm an ONEIDA JEEEEEEEZ FOOL. Get ready, we're going to take this outside. We're going to settle this once and for all. I'm declaring an arms race.

Breezy said...

Wes Hayden,
I think you are trying to start a fight with the wrong people! First off this is just going too far. We already have help outside of getting more attention from the nickname problem. It just goes to show that we as Native Americans should be treated with respect. Now take that to the bank and try to find a better reason why we as Native Americans should not be treated with respect instead of being shown as merciless people who just love fighting.
~Myra Peterson

MLarson said...

Especially having a servant that is Native American I think you should be appaled at the Sioux mascot. It should not be something that is allowed. Think of what you are showing David, you are not being a very good ro-model. I strongly suggest you rethink your ideas on keeping the mascot.

Captain Jack said...

Dear Wes,
The souix should have a word about the mascot that represents them. Do you think that you would want to have a say if a teams mascot was the sheriffs and the guy at football games played him as a bumbling fool?
Love, Gail Hayden

caitlin said...

Dear Wes, I think after what happened to your servant you should be more understanding of the feelings of Native Americans. I think that you should change your view on the native americans. Many people are very offended by how this mascot is treated. Please change your view!!!!!!

Doris Strickland (loves high heels)

caitlin said...

If you understand my point, you should definitely change your view. Honor your servant, Marie Little Soldier and oppose the mascot of the Fighting Sioux!

-Doris Strickland

ps. I like your porno picture!

sam said...

Hey Dad, I am surprised you actually feel this way about the team names. I know that you think they should stay, but I thought you wouldn't have really cared about how the Native Americans felt over the matter. Also, I agree that no one really has control over the name except the school. But if the name is offensive to a majority of people then I think the school should consider changing the name.

-David Hayden