Monday, October 29, 2007

Julian Hayden

My name is Julian Hayden and I forgot and don't care how old I am. I have a beautiful wife whose name is Enid, I know the name is very original, that I love very much so. Back in my prime days i was a sheriff and loved every day of it. I am now retired and me and my wife live on a ranch happily. I have two boys that mean the world to me. One is a doctor and his name is Frank. The other is a sheriff that took my place after I retired and his name is Wesley. Wesley has a son and his name is David. He is a great kid and i love him to death. Wesley has a wife that's name is Gail. She is a pleasant lady and i have much respect for her. I let myself go after I retired. I have long white hair and my sideburns are nice and bushy. My belly is getting a little bigger than I would like but hey what the hell can you do? I am a rancher for my free time and i like to wear rancher clothes. I like my boots that are straight out of Texas. Frank has a great wife and he makes a lot of money. He is the son that i knew would make the money in the family and I could always count on him to make me proud.


claire said...

As a jury member and Indian man, I feel that what you are saying is very inappropriate and untrue. There is no pride for my people when we see young white kids dressing up, trying to look like our people, and dancing around, mocking our traditions. As a retired sheriff, I would hope that you would have more respect for other people than white men. I hope to hear you have changed your mind.
RSB of Wings.

Bailey said...

Yo Julian,
i think you sound like a complete jackass and i stand for much stronger issues than you. And i would definatly not talk about intelligence old man, i for one went to college, thats more than i can say for you. Oh, and i know my age too, which is pretty important. Anyways, if you ever want to talk about your hostile feelings, i'm here for you. NOT.. ok peace out homes. One Love.
-Kris Porter

Bailey said...
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Rachel said...

Hey I'm the fifth jury member. What's your view on the mascot? Do you think UND should be able to keep it or should have to make a new one. Thanks!
- Amy Red Oak

Shelly4thHour said...

Dear Julian
You do not clearly state your opinion and people our confusing our opinions.

Love You your wife,
Enid Hayden

Rachel said...

Dear Len

Thanks for getting back to me on you view of the issue. However, when you say that you are in support of the mascot, I have to disagree with you. My tribe is the Standing Rock Siuox and we have historically lived in North Dakota, somewhat near the University. Our stance on the mascot is that we don’t support it. Since I was born and raised on our reservation, this is my view too. We believe that this mascot is degrading and misinforming towards the Native American race and that there are many other mascots available to use.
- Amy Red Oak

PS: never contact me again! you have no respect for my're completly nuts!