Monday, October 29, 2007

UND Hockey Fan: Felicia Foy

Hello. I am Felicia Foy. I am in my sophomore year at UND. My favorite season is hockey season! I attend all home games and all away games within a 200 mile radius. I love to dress up for the games. Here are two of my friends at a game!



I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and went to Queen Elizabeth High School. I graduated in 2006 and then fell in love with the UND campus. University of North Dakota, home of the Fighting Sioux. Did you know that Sioux is an Indian tribe? Some people take offense to this and I can see why.

I also like to write editorials. I had an internship this summer at the Dakota Student and my supervisor was Gunther. He's a swell guy! And we are married.


Jason said...

Dear Felicia Foy,

Frist of all my husband is not a drunk anymore. He asked for help and now he is cured. Also how can you be a UND hockey fan! Hahahahaha. Well, lets stop this fighting. I think that we should help remove the name " Fighting Sioux" from the League. Will you help me?
Daisy McAuley

Natalie said...

Felicia Foy:
I am not a drunk. Like my wife said, I asked for help, and now I have stopped. My wife and I believe that the team names that are offensive to others should be removed and replaced with a name that is appropriate and liked by all people. We could really use your help!
Len McAuley

caitlin said...

Dear Felicia Foy,

I think that your support for the hockey players at UND should not affect your position on the name of the mascot. The UND sports team should have to change their mascot to something less offensive. I think that fans have every right to support the players and the team but not the mascot.

Doris Stirckland

Rachel said...

Hey I'm the fifth jury member. What's your view on the mascot? Do you think UND should be able to keep it or should have to make a new one. Thanks!
- Amy Red Oak

Anonymous said...

Hi girl.

NAlverson said...
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NAlverson said...

I get what your saying about how it could be offensive, but they are just a bunch of kids who don't know any better and they are just having fun, but my tribal council has other things to worry about and all this business with the mascots are just a waste of time, so I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't comment back about this, thank you.
-Chief Grand Cherokee

Rachel said...

Hey Felicia

Thanks for responding back to me on your view of the UND mascot. When you say that you don’t support the mascot, I agree! My tribe is the Standing Rock Sioux, and we have historically lived in North Dakota. Since I was born and raised on our reservation, I share the same views as the tribe. We believe that the mascot is degrading and misinforming towards the Native American race. There are so many other mascots available to use and mascots involving Native Americans shouldn’t have to be used. Thanks for supporting the removal of the UND mascot!
- Amy Red Oak