Monday, October 29, 2007

Mike Saunnder

Howdy my name is Mike J. Saunnders. Currently i am an Alumnus at North Dakota State University. I am very opinionated on the issue at hand, I feel that the Fighting Sioux is offensive in ways not seen in a society before. I feel that there is an "atmospheric harassment" against the native students. Presently there are 30 programs directed for the native students in our university alone, but this is not enough to mend the damage done and currently in progress. The level of protest in the past couple of years has made it evident that the Native American community is offensive and the actions taken by the University completely disregard these opinions and views. I feel not only that the name should change, but it should change now.


knelson said...

I completely agree with your post Mike. I think that it is disrespectful and offensive to the Native American tribes. I think that changes need to be made as soon as possible so the college can give the tribes the respect they deserve.

Shannon said...

How is this offensive? Most of the people fighting for it to change is students at the school. So if they hate is so much why did they choose to go there?

Breezy said...

Mike Saunnders, I would like to know why you say that there is an "atmospheric harassment" for the students in the first place. It would seem that the students only have to deal with this harassment as you put it for the time being until something is done for the nickname. It may be offensive to us as Native Americans,yet only now do we find it offensive when an issue is brought up. I do agree partially that it should be changed, but all this fuss is only causing us more pain than we were dealing with before.
~Myra Peterson,chairwoman of the Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe

Rachel said...

Hey I'm the fifth jury member. What's your view on the mascot? Do you think UND should be able to keep it or should have to make a new one. Thanks!
- Amy Red Oak

sarah said...

i very much agree with you! its very offensive to my people.the fact that people are "fighting" is offensive and gives our people a bad name
-clyde bellecourt

Ellie said...

Fighting Sioux is not offensive to the Sioux peple. It is not in any way making fun of their beliefs or actions. It is just a nickname. If it's only the "fighing" part that makes people mad they can go ahead and take that out, but Sioux is not offensive. If anything it is honoring the tribe that has roamed North Dakota for a long time. The school has had the name Fighting Sioux since it was built back in 1883. It is not about discriminating against the Native Americans, but honoring them.

Jason said...

Dear Mike Saunnder,
I agree with you completely on the issue of the mascot.I also think we should get as many people as we can to help bring the "fighting Sioux" nickname down. I also agree with the NCAA that only the tribal members should vote. If this is to be true we must message the jury members as much as possible and persuade them greatly.
daisy Mcauley

Breezy said...

Mike Saunnder,
I see your point on how the students are being alienated. It is occurring to me that more and more of this problem is bringing out more and more issues for us as Native Americans. When you brought up the statistic showing that over half of the students want it to change, that is truly an impact on my position and I will take it into my own hands to make sure there is more a movement to changing the nickname for the sake of Native Americans and others who have been affected by the nickname "Fighting Sioux".
~Myra Peterson

NAlverson said...

I am aware that my people are victims of racism at school, but I don't find the mascot offensive, and in my opinion it doesn't give any reason for someone to dislike the native americans. I think that most of the racism is fueled by things other than the mascot, and getting rid of it would not alleviate the oppression my people are facing. I, and others on the council, don't see this as a huge issue, and that we should really be focusing on the other things that causing the racism. Thanks for your input though.

-Chief Grand Cherokee

Rachel said...

Hey Mike

Thanks for responding back to me on your view of the UND mascot. When you say that you don’t support the mascot, I agree! My tribe is the Standing Rock Sioux, and we have historically lived in North Dakota. Since I was born and raised on our reservation, I share the same views as the tribe. We believe that the mascot is degrading and misinforming towards the Native American race. There are so many other mascots available to use and mascots involving Native Americans shouldn’t have to be used. Thanks for supporting the removal of the UND mascot!
- Amy Red Oak