Monday, October 29, 2007

Amy Red Oak (Jury Member)

Hi, my name is Amy Red Oak. I am 25 years old and I was born in Standing Rock, North Dakota, where I lived on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation for the first eighteen years of my life. I recently graduated from North Dakota State as a Biology major and I played varsity tennis there. Currently, I live and work in Bemidgi, Minnesota as an Environmental Specialist. I also volunteer on weekends at the Red Lake Indian Reservation which is about half an hour away from my home. I married my long-time boyfriend, Oliver, over the summer. The two of us grew up in Standing Rock and went to school together. Oliver graduated from the University of South Dakota as a Pre-Law major and is currently attending law school. (My tribe's stance on the controversy over North Dakota's mascot.)


caitlin said...

Dear Amy,
As a wife of an Indian I believe that the mascot is wrong. UND should be forced to change their mascot. It is very offensive and they need to stop offending my husbands people. They should be fair. Colleges should represent justice and equality, but UND is not doing this. They are wrong and should admit to their fault and everyone could move on.

-Doris Strickland

caitlin said...
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sarah said...

my stand on this situttion is i do not support the current mascot of UND and i find it very offensive to me and my people. I really do hope tha you take this into consideration when you are making your decisions.

-clyde bellcourt

Jason said...

Dear Amy Red Oak,
I think that the mascot of UND is some what offensive and it should be removed. I think this becuase sometimes it mocks your Indian customs. I would greatly accept your help if you offer it to push ban the "fighting Sioux" mascot. I think that they should find something less offensive to people even though i undertand it to be an honor. People take things wrong all the time now these days. Thank you so very much.
Daisy McAuley

Shelly4thHour said...

Dear Amy
My veiw on the mascot is that they should keep it. No matter what it is someone will put up a fuss about it.

Edin Hayden

melissaPETERSON said...

Dear Amy,
I believe that the UND mascot should be changed it is offensive to our haritage, and you living on a reservation for 18 years of your life should of realized that they are patronizing our people. Just looking at the mascot is some what offensive not all indians run around with feathers in there hair and flippin war paint on. Though the name has been the fighting Sioux for a long time I do believe it wouldn't be to late to change it. As my grandfather said when I was a boy change can be good after all, the world around us changes all the time.

Natalie said...

My viewpoints on the mascot are as follows:
I think it is very rude to have a person dressed up as a mascot. There are many other mascot forms that you could have. I don't believe that it is right to have a Souix as a mascot. What are your opinions on this topic?
Len McAuley

kyle said...

Dear Ms. Red Oak,
I believe the mascot of the University of North Dakota does not necessarily need to be banned. Revamped maybe? yes. I think as a mascot, the Fighting Sioux has a great chance of being a positive portrayal of Native American ethnicities. I think that after a serious look at the customs and traditions of tribes such as yours, we can bring back the optimism that once was a part of the Fighting Sioux.

-Gunther Foy

Megan said...

As Standing Rock Tribal Chairman, I thinkt that the settlement of UND's logo and nickname unfairly shifts the burden of retiring the nickname to the tribes. But since we have been given the responsibility to solve this matter, I think that this is an issue that is ripping the Native American apart. It is an opportunity to show the world that we, as Native Americans, are just as human as any other persons in the world. We need to fight for our rights and ban these names that are offending our people and causing a disturbance in our Tribes. It is for the good of our people. I don't see myself and the Standing Rock Sioux changing our position opposing the nickname.

What do you think on the matter?

-Ron His Horse Is Lightning

lawrence said...

My position, in a nutshell, on the issue is the name should be change. The offensive nature of the name is not the primary source for my argument, but the effects on the community on the whole. There are statistics pertaining to the affects on the academic progress of the Native American Students. Studies show the correlation between stereotyping and poor studying and testing habits among students. There are statistics stating that roughly 57% of the Native American students at UND want the name changed. This is why i think that the name should be changed. I found all of these facts on this URL

-Mike Saunnder

brittany said...

I think that the mascot should not be changed.I agree that some of the other mascots out there are offensive to Native Americans,but the UND mascot is a picture of a strong proud Sioux warrior.When the logo was first made 75 years ago it was designed by a Native American.UND is using the mascot to represent there school and if the mascot is bad why would a school want it to represent them.
Cathy Kersten

Moe said...

I think the fighting sioux name shouldn't be changed. I dont see what is wrong with having that name. I mean it is just a sport team name it shouldn't matter too much.

Ronnie Tall Bear

KP said...

Hello Amy. I am Felicia Foy, a UND hockey fan. I think that the logo is offensive and should be removed. It is not fair to the Sioux community to be represented in such a way without consent. They should be able to have a say in this issue. What do you think?

Felicia Foy

Captain Jack said...

Dear Amy,
I think that UND should be able to keep their mascot because it is the schools identity. And that is not up to the NCAA to decide. But if the Native americans don't like it and wish it to be gone the school should respect their wishes.
-Gail Hayden

melissaPETERSON said...

What is your stance on the issue?

melissaPETERSON said...

-Ollie Young Bear

Jake said...

Dear Amy,
I don't think that this is an issue to really have anyone fret over. It's so stupid because the Indians aren't who they were back then as they are today. Today they are like everyday people like you and me so for them to try to be offended by the UND mascot is for someone to be offended by calling me a caveman. My ancestors were cavemen and i don't get offended by it if someone makes fun of me. The Indians are just trying to get some publicity and it's just starting to piss me the hell off.

Julian Hayden

kyle said...

I respect your defense in relation to your tribe. I am simply gathering research and viewpoints from people such as yourself for a news story I am editing for. I appreciate the information and opinions you have provided me with. Thank you so much.

-Gunther Foy